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President's message

71 years have passed since our company was established.

We are committed to meeting the needs of the world and winning customer confidence. We have offered factory automation solutions to the various industries including the local paper industry and have developed a wide variety of products using the know-how we have acquired over the years. Our systems have consequently made a contribution not only in Japan but also to a wide range of fields around the world. The advancement of information technology will inevitably make the world a smaller place and further promote globalization at the same time.

Now matter how quickly times are changing, we will continue to meet the challenge of the future. This drive will be based on our corporate philosophy of “Perseverance, Consideration, and Interaction.” We will continue to pay attention to ecology and deliver environmentally-friendly systems which will be useful to society at large while maintaining all levels of communication.

Jun Akiyama
President and Representative Director

Pick up!

Okada Electric Shingu Log House
Designed by the President of Okada Electric himself with the concept of “being in harmony with nature” in mind, the Shingu Log House is full of the Company's technology including a remote control system using the telephone line.

Okada Electric Maruyama Log House
The Maruyama Log House, which is built to blend in with nature, is used for conferences and meetings.


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